Repurposed Ice Skate Door Hanging

This project took a bit longer than I’d hoped, but I like the results. Started with this old skate, found at the thrift outlet.


After painting it with varnish, I waited overnight before painting it with some of the latex I used for the trim in my kitchen rehab.


Embellished it using some Christmas items I had in the basement. Also made mental note to celebrate Christmas in July 2015 by cleaning out my vintage Christmas items in prep to sell in Oct-Nov.


Here’s the finished piece. I had some leftover faux snow I’d used to stencil my windows, so used that on the bottom of the skates and blades. Next time, will try clear Glitter Spray instead. I may still add it. Evergreen and holly branches were pulled from my yard to add some holiday flavor. I glued vintage gift stickers on the Santa Wreath and skate body.


I used the shoelaces found with the skate to hang it, but first had to poke a small hole thru the leather at the top rim back of the boot. Tx Randal.


Old Chalkboard on the Mantel

Found this old chalkboard on the side of the road on a walk one morning. Decided to try stenciling it.  Checked out a few primers on stenciling before I started this project. I had some vintage window stencils and decided to try those. What do you think?

I have it displayed on my mantel.